my 5 most nostalgic holiday moments

Me and Andrew will quite often sit of an evening and watch back our holiday videos on Youtube! It may sound a little strange, but we just love re-watching them. I’m a very nostalgic person and have so many fond memories of our holidays together. Whenever I think back to Rome I actually feel the opposite of home sick. (Is that a thing? If not it totally should be a thing).

1. Zoo marine in the Algarve

You know when you go away, and you think – Oh let’s give this zoo/water park/theme park a try – and then half the time it doesn’t turn out to be anything great? We went to Zoomarine when visiting Albufeira in Portugal and it was absolutely amazing. Probably the best zoo/water park we’ve ever been to. It had theme park rides, a zoo, a water park, restaurants.. everything. It was brilliant and a place that will always stick out in mine and Andrew’s mind. The sun was shining so strong, music playing in the background, Daisy having fun… it was just one of those brilliant days. If you ever visit the Algarve then we definitely recommend taking a day to visit Zoomarine.

2. Pizza in Rome

Now, as cliche as it sounds, the pizza in Rome was literally the best pizza I’ve ever had. We eat a lot of pizza anyways but I’ll always remember this ONE slice! We bought it as a quick on-the-go kind of lunch – we started walking the cobbled Italian streets and then found a bench to stop at. I honestly remember just looking at Andrew and us both agreeing that it was the nicest pizza we’ve ever had. I miss the feeling of wandering the little streets of Rome and finding beautiful coffee shops, places to stop for Gelato and everything being so picturesque. I’m not a city kind of girl – but give me Rome any day. I will forever love this city.

3. A boat hire in Corfu

When we visited  Kerkyra in Corfu last year we took a little day trip to a local village called Paleokastritsa. We hired out a paddle boat for just €10 and it was so much fun. It’s a holiday moment that I won’t be forgetting in a rush. Andrew did all the hard work and peddled us around the rocks and what felt like quite far out to sea. The water was so calm – when we stopped peddling for a moment it was lovely to sit and quietly enjoy being rocked by such gentle waves. Andrew is a great swimmer and after a little encouragement from me (“don’t be a wuss and just jump in” – haha sorry Andrew)  he dived in a good few times. We got some fun footage of him diving in and then struggling to get back on the boat, which was pretty funny to watch. I’m such a great and supporting girlfriend.

4. Beach sun sets in Spain

I’ll always remember the evenings we spent watching the sun set on the beach in Lloret De Mar. It was only about a 10 minute walk from our hotel and so it was lovely to just wander down to the beach towards 6pm and enjoy golden hour. It’s also the place in which we lost Daisy’s beloved * back up * bunny. She goes nowhere without her bunny (we had two exactly the same – both very used and very much loved). She fell asleep in the buggy and managed to drop bunny somewhere. We looked everywhere but couldn’t find him – so now we only have one! God help us if we lose that one!

5. The end of the land in Cornwall

Or how we know it – Landsend. I remember arriving towards golden hour so it was getting dark in the evening. It sounds really morbid and perhaps a little weird, but I could help but think; wow – this would be a beautiful place to die. Haha! Cornwall is probably my favourite place to go in the UK and in particular this area is stunning. We walked around a little and had fun pointing out to sea and imagining what was on the other end. It’s so weird to picture the map of the UK in our mind and imagine our little selves as dots. “Such vast skies, how small I am” was a quote that kept springing to mind.

What about you? What are your favourite holiday nostalgic moments?


  • says:

    Okay this just made me incredibly excited for holiday in a few weeks!! I am so desperate to visit Rome too, it’s absolutely top on our list.

  • Laura bibby says:

    Sitting reading this in the sun had inspired me to book a holiday, thanks

  • says:

    Can you believe we have never been to any of these places, I am dying to go to Rome even just for the pizza and gelato. And who better to travel with than your mini me. x

  • Http:// says:

    Italy and Cornwall are two of my favourite places!!

  • Isabella says:

    Youve just given me some ideas for family holidays! Really enjoyed reading that, love the pics also x

  • says:

    Cornwall is one of my favourite places too! Some gorgeous photos taken lovely x

  • Sophie Durrans says:

    We used to have sidslide shows as kids where we’d all sit around and look through slides of old holidays and reminisce. We never seem to have the time to do that anymore as adults

  • says:

    Ah, some lovely photos, and great holiday ideas!

  • Nige says:

    Some fab places there and wonderful photos Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

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