5 biggest travel trends of 2019 and top places to go

January can end up being a bit of a dull month – Christmas is over, the excitement of a New Year starts to fade, and we’re left wondering what plans await us during the next 12 months. One thing that always crosses my mind is ‘where will this year take us?’. I remember at the beginning of 2018 I had no idea where we would go, how often we would go and if we’d even leave the country (of course I knew we would!). So I love that excitement of booking the first trip. We’re off to Disneyland Paris in just under 5 weeks so I know at least one trip of the year – but where else… I have no idea and that excitement makes January a good one for me. It was discovered in a recent survey by The Luxury Travel Network, Stay One Degree, that there have been several shifts in the way we travel and in particular, the way we are planning our travels for 2019.

Two week holidays are replaced with Ninety night trips

It seems that according to this survey, more people are relocating for three months at a time rather than going on holiday several times during the year. Families are setting up home for 90 days at a time whilst parents either commute to work or work from home to sustain their trip. These trips could even include moving away from home for work. Some people find themselves being asked by their company to temporarily relocate to another office for a while, this can allow you to explore a different area. If that’s the case, people relocating might want to get a quote from a company offer car shipping services. This could make the move easier on the family. People might move away for many reasons, whether it’s for work, or just to get away for a while, why not go for it? It’s a good idea and one I wish I had the guts to do – especially whilst Daisy is still young and wouldn’t miss out on too much school. I will always regret not doing this before she started education! People always seem to be afraid of relocating, even when they know, deep down, that it is the right thing to do. This goes for permanently moving as well as just temporary trips. If you’ve been eyeing up houses on a site like williampitt.com, what better time than now to pull the trigger and start a whole fresh new life?

Secluded travel is on the rise

A lot of people are admitting that they travel in order to be alone so therefore this makes complete sense. We’re looking closer to home for locations that are a little off the beaten track – places where we are completely away from wi-fi and crowds of people. With the rise of how much we use social media on a daily basis, it’s beginning to get a lot more common to find somewhere where you can completely switch off and switch into holiday mode. I know that this is something we want to do this year!

Conscious travel is increasingly important

There’s a lot of emphasis in the media recently about what we are doing to our planet and how we can help save it. It’s hard to be a regular traveller and not consider what impact this is having on our surroundings. This is something that I would like to consider more whilst traveling in 2019. Bookings for ethical and eco-friendly escapes are predicted to rise by 70% within the network that have an emphasis on properties with natural energy and locally sourced produce. Conscious travellers are always on the look-out for new ways to save energy, invest time, build friendships and spend money on projects that have a long-term impact on their communities and the people that live in them.

Traveling for food and drink

This one doesn’t surprise me. Food is always on my mind and even more so when traveling – I’m always considering when we are next going to have a snack, when we are going to take a break for a coffee or what we’re going to have for dinner. This was especially our motive in Rome – we just wanted to eat all the pizza, drink all the coffee and have all the gelato for pudding! Italy is the dream destination for us as the food is our favourite. According to this survey, people are traveling to France for cheeseboards and wine, Thailand for Thai and Spain for Tapas. Food is such a cultural experience of traveling and it’s so important to get a taste of the local cuisine so you can really say you’ve been to that destination!

A trip to learn

According to this survey 21% said that the most important factor to booking a trip is if they are able to learn a new skill whilst on holiday. Travellers value their time and are looking to make full use of their time off from work and their everyday tasks. Many want to return from their trips with something priceless, rememberable and enriching to their life. We want to start considering learning a new skill whilst away – be it a new language or a local cooking class. We want to come away with more experience than when we left.

There are so many amazing reasons to travel and these are just a few. The top 10 destinations of 2019 have been said to be the following:

  1. Spain
  2. Indonesia
  3. Sri Lanka
  4. France
  5. Thailand
  6. Canada
  7. Barbados
  8. Bahamas
  9. Philippines
  10. Scotland

Where are you off to this year? Will any of these factors be determining where you book?!

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