366 week #4

These little weekly 366 roundups are going to basically turn into a diary of what I’ve been up to. So for many of my readers it might be rather boring, but great for me to look back on anyways. I’m almost a month into this project and I’m finding it fun. I definitely feel the pressure to take a decent photo though and sometimes it’s not always possible. Sat: Saturday was a lovely day! Me, Andrew and Daisy went for a little wander around a town near us, we then headed a bit further up the road to the lovely city of Cambridge. Considering it’s not that far from us, we really don’t go there enough. Cambridge is such a beautiful city, the town is so easy to fall in love with. We didn’t stay for too long as it was flooded with tourists (saturday wasn’t the best day to go) but we grabbed a hot chocolate, wandered around the little cobbled streets and let Daisy run wild (within limits of course). 

Sun: Sunday was simply stressful. Daisy was having an off day, she wasn’t cooperating in the slightest but we took the plunge and went to Ikea as we had an eye on a couple of bits and pieces. You can see our Ikea haul in this previous post. Mon, tues: We actually had a pretty lazy week. Monday was spent at home with lost of visitors, followed by dinner at my mums. Whilst tuesday we stayed in our pyjamas all day, watching movies and did sweet nothing. Wed: I helped my sister with her blog, we took a few profile photos and apart from that I just relaxed. I then met Andrew later in the evening and we went for a little drive and a cheeky mcdonalds. Thurs, fri: Work, work, work and work. Bleh! I also have some sort of eye infection, so it’s all fun and games. 

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