366 project and a little update


If you don’t follow me on Instagram then you might not have noticed I am in the process of a ‘366’ project. It’s a project I’ve attempted to complete (but failed) 3 – 4 times now. This time I’ve very determined to stick to it throughout the year. It’s a photography based project in which I take a single photo every day for a whole year. I think at the end of the year I’ll use Blurb to create a photo book to put into Daisy’s memory box. Something fun for her to look back on when she’s a little older. It’ll be nice for her to see a photo diary of a year in her life.

Daisy is really hard to capture on camera at the moment. She’s constantly on the go and if I ask her to stop and say ‘cheese’ she’ll pull the funniest (strangest) face possible and it doesn’t make for the most natural photo! Life for us has been rather hectic but at the same time laid back. We’ve been getting plans together for the year ahead of us, whilst also trying to figure out if we can afford to run two cars between us apposed to the one we share at the moment.


At the moment: 

What I’m loving:

I’m loving scanning the web for holidays! It might sound like a boring pass time for some, but as we only have one holiday booked at the moment, I find it fun browsing all the endless possibilities and dreaming of whereabouts we’re going to end up next. My most favourite site to look at is ‘On The Beach‘ – they have some great deals. I’m also loving having the car to myself! (sorry Andrew)

What we’re doing:

Andrew is on holiday and so me and Daisy are left to amusing ourselves. We haven’t really had any lazy days recently – we’ve been pretty busy it seems as though we’re just in and out all the time. Although Daisy is a little poorly now so we’re having a lot more pyjama time watching rubbish tv and eating junk food. We’re just happily plodding along with things!


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