25 before 26

It really doesn’t feel very exciting turning 25. In fact my birthdays haven’t felt exciting since I turned 20. I guess that’s just part of becoming an adult? I tried to picture myself this time last year turning 24 and I feel like nothing has changed apart from my flat looks ever so slightly different and my hair is a little longer. In celebration of turning 25 (woooo?!) I’m going to run through 25 hopes and goals before I turn 26. I guess with my birthday being in January this could easily just be another new years resolution post but let’s just say it isn’t. So yes.. today (the 5th Jan) is my birthday, happy birthday to me! 

IMG_7452 copy

  • To carry on not dying my hair and let it grow and be healthy
  • To read more
  • To write more 
  • To appreciate life more 
  • To become freelance if another job doesn’t come up
  •  To get Oh Lilla Magazine out in the world
  • To make more videos
  • To turn up my curtains finally and get some venetian blinds 
  • To tan more
  • To be eating healthier meals
  • To be baking more
  • To drink less fizzy drinks

IMG_7444 copy

  • To organise my paper work thoroughly 
  • To be saving lots of money
  • To have my own car instead of sharing with Andrew
  • To consider exercising in some way – ha! (unlikely)
  • To grow my social media following 
  • To expand my blog further into traveling and photography posts
  • To take more photos of Daisy with me and to get in front of the camera more. 

IMG_7447 copy

  • To purchase another lens for my camera 
  • To smile at strangers more
  • To go on more walks even if it is cold and I can’t be bothered
  • To go to more mum and toddler groups
  • To take Daisy to CBeebies world for her birthday 
  • To feel like I’ve really done something this year

What a fun birthday post this was. I’m spending my 25th at soft play because obviously it’s where I want to spend my 25th birthday! 

Jodie x

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