Our 2018 travel bucket list | Where will we go during the next 6 months?

2017 was a good year for travel, but we want to make 2018 even better. Being a small family of three, living alone and having two cars, we don’t always have the huge budget that other families may have. Especially because I love nice things and can’t help but buy things I don’t need (New years resolution right there?!). But we always find a way to fit traveling into our budget, we’ll go without some months so that we can afford to venture somewhere new. I guess it’s all about priorities, and ours is traveling. Daisy keeps waking up and asking if we’re going on holiday yet. She then proclaimed “It’s taking a really long time to go”. I couldn’t agree more!

January | Staying put

January we are probably going to stay put. January, for most people, tends to be about settling down and preparing the year ahead. I really wish we could fit in a little break but I’m not sure that’s going to happen. We’re busy planning where we’d like to go for the rest of the year instead. I know that either this year, or next year, we’d love to go on a cruise. Something like one of these dream holiday cruises – although that may not happen this year, we can dream right?!

March | Italy

Andrew has booked off the 6th March for a week so we can go to Italy. I would personally love to go to Florence, Naples or Verona! We’ve been to Italy twice (once to Rome and once to Sardinia) and it’s definitely not enough! Out of all the places we’ve been, it’s our favourite country so far. Verona really appeals to me because of it’s romantic side – It’s famous for being the setting of Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’. We keep thinking about heading back to Rome, but the first trip was so amazing that we worry the second won’t live up to our expectations! I’m sure it will – but for now we’re happy exploring other parts of Italy.

April – Norfolk

When Daisy was 6 months old she went on her first ever staycation to Norfolk. We hired a boat with Andrew and his dad and spent a week on the water. It was absolutely gorgeous and something we’d love to do again. I’m not sure we’re thinking of hiring a boat again this year but we’d like to head up that way for a short weekend or a few nights away during the week.

May – Cornwall

Cornwall is my most favourite place in the UK. It’s somewhere we aim to go every year because although it’s a 6 hour car journey away, it’s worth it. It’s worth it because we fall more and more in love with the place every time we go. We’re going to aim to stay in a hotel or cottage near the coast for five days. We love finding and wandering around new villages and little fishing towns. We can’t wait to see more of Cornwall!

June  | Turkey

Last year we went to Turkey with my family and had an absolute blast. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been but it must be over 15 (literally). It was the first time for Andrew and Daisy, and they both absolutely loved it.  This isn’t a definite but my parents started speaking about doing it again this year in June, so obviously we’d love to join them and totally will if we can! Anything to see Andrew bellydance again! (haha).

It’s a grey and miserable day here and speaking about holidays makes me incredibly excited. I’m eagerly anticipating our next trip and although nothing is booked, we’ll definitely be getting away a lot this year. It’s something that we will always make the time and money for, even when money isn’t on our side – like now – whilst my car is currently being fixed, the same week my most expensive camera lens is also being fixed. Oh the joy!

Who knows where this year will take us – but this is where we hope to be during the next six months!

*this is a collaborative post*


  • https://www.happymummy.co.uk says:

    Great bucket list. Hope you have a fab time on all your travels! X

  • Jade + http://www.capturedbyjade.co.uk says:

    Although nothing booked, it sounds like you have some fun travel plans to come. Many 2018 be full of adventures for your little family!

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