2017 nursery design trends with 76th & Newbury [Infographic]

Anyone that knows me well will tell you how I end up changing my flat around on a weekly basis until I’m completely 100% happy with it – which I never am! There are so many different trends, colour schemes and must have nursery items that it can feel a little overwhelming when attempting to keep up with what’s on trend. I now tend to just go with whatever I like or whatever my Pinterest nursery board looks like – Pinterest is amazing for gathering nursery inspiration and ideas. In 2016 we had woodland themes and a lot of geometric wallpaper – two themes that I absolutely loved.

The guys over at 76th & Newbury sought out some of the most respectable nursery design experts in the US and asked them to share how they believe the  nursery decorating trends will look for 2017. They put together this fun infographic that I have the pleasure of sharing with you all. I absolutely love the variety of colour trends they’ve predicted along with wallpaper styles. The texture wallpaper is my particular favourite and something I may look at in the future for Daisy’s room. The soft pink and gold is my favourite colour palette – it’s the kind of theme we are aiming for with Daisy’s room. We want it to feel neutral and girly with a sparkly feel. Pink and gold work really well together to create this kind of feel.

It’s been predicted that greenery will be a new trend for nurseries in 2017. It’s not often we’ll see plants in a nursery but I personally think that every room in your house should have some form of a plant! I have a couple in each room – including Daisy’s room. It’s also predicted that patterned rugs will be popular along with nature, travel and jungle patterns.  “My trend prediction for this upcoming year is designers will start creating spaces that appeal to the child, but are sophisticated enough to appeal to the parent as well.” – Barette Widell. It can be really overwhelming decorating a nursery and not being sure what theme to go for. Take a look at this infographic and get a feel for the new nursery trends in 2017!

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  • Lizzie Roles says:

    I’m looking at changing Katie’s room which is currently all pink! She has a battered old chair and a mix of styles, is love to clean it all up in 2017. Great info graphic! X

  • Http://www.motherhoodtherealdeal.com says:

    Such gorgeous inspiration…I would put all these things on my wish list!

  • Madeline says:

    My children’s room really wasn’t ‘designed’ at all, but we’re hoping to get them bunk beds in the new year, and it would be lovely to sort of re-do the whole room at that point. I love the look of the patterned rugs and the giant wall art. x

  • A Cornish Mum says:

    I’m in love with pretty much all of the things above, just beautiful.

    Stevie x

  • http://adventuresinhomeschool.com says:

    I love the fox cushion. I keep buying things with a similar motif.

  • Donna says:

    I am loving that giant star rug – give me all the stars! Loving all the colours too, I love how the trends all work so well with each other x

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