10 years from now

I’m a pretty organised person. I like a plan and I like a goal. Something else I always enjoy doing is naming my years – so this year is the money year because I want to focus on being better at money and building up my savings. Last year was the career year – because I wanted to get out of my dead end job and start working for myself. These are all little goals that I set myself year by year. It’s quite fun to do and it’s always nice to have a short term motive. I always work better when I know there’s something I’m working towards. A little while ago, someone asked me what my 10 year plan is. I sat there for a while and tried to imagine my life 10 years from now – it’s almost impossible!

Where to?

One thing I know for sure is I’d like to have seen a lot of places and travelled around the world. Bali is top on the list. I would LOVE to travel to Bali and stay there for a month. I’d love to relish in their culture and enjoy life in the slow lane. I’d like to go to Tokyo and experience the opposite – I’d like to experience the rush of a Japanese city. Other places I’d like to have checked off my bucket list in 10 years time: Mumbai, Thailand, California, New York, Latvia, Prague, Milan, Venice, Verona, Naples, Brussels, The Azores Islands, Iceland, Morocco, South Africa and Brazil. If we even do just two of those places a year then we’ll be able to check them all off the list! I may not be completely sure of where my life is going, but I’m 100% certain on the places I’d like to fall in love with.


I think in 10 years time I’d like to still be in the same town I’m in now, or at least the same county. We live in Hertfordshire and I think we’d struggle moving away as we see our family a lot and we’re all very close . If I could pick up all the family and move somewhere then I know where we’d go. France! We’d live in a quant little village near to the seaside. It’d be a really small village with a close neighbourhood. I love the idea of cobbled streets and beautiful rustic buildings, where every day is picture perfect.

It’d either be a little cottage or a beautiful new build house – both quite different, I’m aware. I know it seems as though new builds get a lot of bad press for not being built very well, but I really love the style and the ‘freshness’ you can acquire from a new build. I imagine white walls, plants everywhere, a clean interior, fresh skirting boards, beautiful roof windows (with gorgeous Solstro blinds such as these) and a stunning view to look out on whilst I work from my desk. It’d be Daisy, Andrew and myself. Maybe another little mini human too (one day!) The garden would be the main focus point and we’d make it AMAZING. Ohhhh to dream!


When people ask me what I want to do as a career I end up stuttering my words and speaking complete ‘gibberish’. To be completely honest with you –  I’m undecided. I want to do a bit of everything. I love creating things – I love taking photos, writing, making videos, producing content for brands and blogging. My job at the moment is a little bit of everything, but I tend to label myself as a ‘content creator’ as it leaves lots of doors open. In 10 years time however, I want to be earning a better salary. I’d like to be producing work for what it’s actually worth, rather than charging a quarter of the price in fear that  the work won’t come.

What about you? What’s your 10 year goal?



  • http://www.happymummy.co.uk says:

    Such a lovely post! I really enjoyed it and I want to think of a name for my year now too!! I want to go to California – along with a Florida! x

  • Debbie - Hello Deborah says:

    You have beautiful photos. I would love to go to Bali too and Tokyo is at the top of my list.

    What about building your own home? I’m not sure what other new builds are like but the ones in this town come with tiny gardens and cream walls. We’ve lived here 3 years and I’m desperate to paint them white.

    I recently wrote a 3 year plan but I wouldn’t know how to start a 10 year one. It feels so far away.

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