Kids say the funniest things : 10 quotes from my 2 year old

Kids say the funniest things. It’s just a common fact! I’ve always said that I need to write down some of the things she says so that I never forget the funny words she comes out with. For now though, I want to share my top ten favourites from September alone. If you read my previous post then you will have known that my child literally doesn’t stop talking, from the moment she wakes up until the very second she goes to sleep. I’m thinking of perhaps making this into a monthly round up blog post just for the fun of it and so that I always have these humorous words to look back on. We all know that Kids say the funniest things so why not join in and create your own version of this post? So here we go! There’s some good and some bad, with a fair bit of foul language (well, one word – but still!)

1. “You are so beautiful”

When stroking my arm whilst laying in bed. She then gave me a kiss on my hand,  looked up at me and said ‘You are so beautiful’. Could she get any cuter? My eyes definitely watered. This isn’t so much of a Kids say the funniest things but more of a little cute one that I just had to include.

2. “I love you mummy, you’re my best friend”

Because we all want to hear those words, right? Even if they are usually followed by “Oh wait, no! Ellie is my best friend not you” I like to think we are very close – we spend a lot of time together and I definitely consider myself as her bestest buddy 😉 that is until she goes to school. Boooo.

3. “Don’t put me in the fucking car”

Because it’s not all pretty and just sometimes she picks up on the horrible words we might say in angst. Oops.. I found it so incredibly hard to hold back laughter. This is probably the funniest (but naughtiest) thing she’s ever said. Hopefully she won’t say that word again!

4. “Oh good morning mummy, I didn’t realise you was awake. I had a good sleep. Did you? Let’s get up. What shall we do today?”

Said at 6 o clock in the morning without even a slight pause for breath. Followed by falling back to sleep for an hour or two. This could probably maybe be classed as sleep talking. My response was also ‘let’s just go back to sleep, Daisy’.

5. “Ohhhh *sigh* I wish we had one of those”

Everytime she sees an advert that has a toy on it. She makes me feel as though she is hard done by. But she is far from that! She’s definitely a bit of a diva. I tell her that maybe Santa will bring her some nice toys if she’s well behaved.

6. “Goodnight princess mummy”

She really does come out with some funny quotes. A couple of times now, before she’s fallen asleep she will kiss me goodnight, hold my face with both her hands and say ‘goodnight princess mummy’ in the most sweetest voice possible.

7. “It’s not fair, you pushed me”

So whilst on holiday Daisy started to say this.. a lot. A little boy was behind her on the slide, and she claimed that he pushed her. He was nowhere near her! Whilst sat in the sea, she also proclaimed that the sea pushed her. Not to mention telling people in the airport that I pushed her too. Kids!

8. “Go on then mummy you silly little boy”

Yep. I have this. All the time. Either that or ‘mummy you cheeky little rascal’. She will also say it if I’m not quick enough to make her a drink or do exactly as she demands. She’ll give me a little nudge and demand I get on with it!

9. “I just don’t ever get it anymore”

I wish I could tell you exactly what ‘it’ is, but I have no clue. She came up after playing with toys, sat next to me on the sofa, crossed her arms and stated that she just doesn’t ever get it anymore. Followed by one huge sigh. I guess I’ll never know what she’s on about!

10. “This is so boring”

This is a relatively new phrase of Daisy’s. If she’s watching something on the i-pad that she doesn’t like anymore then she’ll proclaim over and over ‘I don’t like it, this is so boring’ until I help her find something else to watch. She also likes to state that ‘waiting is boring’. Diva or what? So there we have my version of Kids say the funniest things – why not create your own?

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  • Danielle says:

    Your daughter is the absolute cutest! This is such a clever post, too. I don’t even have kids and I enjoyed it! Great work. I loved the photos, too. 🙂

  • Lisa @ The Merry Momma says:

    I love hearing what comes out of my 2-yr-old’s mouth! I’m always meaning to write them down, but I rarely do. Your post has inspired me to be more intentional about that! I would love to look back at the end of the mouth (year, decade…) and see all the hilarious & sweet things he came up with. Good for you for taking the time to do that!

  • rosemary dent says:

    I love no 3 but they always seem to pick the naughty words up

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