7 brilliant travel hacks + Infographic

As much as I love traveling, traveling isn’t always fun. I mean – it’s good when you get to your destination but if you’re anything like me then you stress about little details and worry until you’ve made it to your hotel. I’m a super nervous flyer! I’ve put together a list of my personal favourite travel hacks. These are things that we attempt to do whenever we travel. Hopefully there’s something in there that can help you along your travels!

Book two one way flights for a better deal

Up until I actually looked into it – I always thought that by buying a return ticket you’d be saving money. But this isn’t alway the case. When you’re booking flights, have a look and see if getting two one way tickets makes a difference to the price. You might be pleasantly surprised! It’s unlikely to be cheaper when booking through the budget “no-frills” airlines such as EasyJet and RyanAir – but if you’re looking at flying with British Airways, Qantas and any other larger mainstream airlines then it’s definitely worth checking before you book.

Beat jet lag by adjusting your sleeping pattern and meals before traveling

This can’t always be done – but if you suffer quite bad from jet lag then it’s definitely worth a shot. Adjust your sleeping and eating pattern to the same as the country you are flying to. It may work out the you have breakfast at 2am in the morning and you go to bed at 4pm in the afternoon. It may be a strange few days but focus that time on packing and getting your home nice and tidy for when you get back. It sounds silly but it’ll definitely help when you get to your destination.  A few days before you fly back home, do the same but in reverse – adjust your sleeping and eating pattern to that of your usual routine.

Download your airlines app for quick and efficient boarding

We’re rubbish for paper work when we fly. I try to place it all into a nice organised folder but when it comes to getting it all out at the airport I end up messing it up and getting confused as to what is what. We always download our airlines app – that way you have your boarding passes on your phone ready to hand over at the desk. On most apps you can also book flights, check in, track your flight and manage your booking. It’s so handy to have and makes life at the airport that little bit easier.

Have a ‘travel bag’ ready to go

This is something we’ve been doing recently. We have a large wash bag which will have all our travel items ready to go. My nan and grandad travel a lot and it was my nan that told us about doing this. It then keeps everything together and you don’t need to search every drawer in the house to find what you need when it’s time to go. We keep suncream, after sun, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and anything else holiday related that we may need. We also have another folder ready with our passports, plug adaptors and any Euros from our last holiday. It’s pretty handy and although I’m not organised in any other aspect of my life at least I can say I’m organised with something – haha.

Roll instead of fold

I always used to fold my clothes really flat and lay them as squished down as possible. Then I discovered that actually when you roll your clothes you end up with SO much more space. I also roll up any underwear and place them inside shoes! It’s so much better than folding them. I’ve also noticed that if you place all the heavier items towards the bottom of your suitcase then it’s easier to push due to gravity. I always end up being able to take more bikinis or more cute tops when I roll instead of fold – try it!

Bring a power pack

This is a new one for us. We bring a couple of power packs with us so that if our phones run out of battery atlas we can recharge them and be able to use them whilst out and about. Andrew uses his phone as a camera too so it’s pretty handy to have. The amount of times both of our phones have ran out of battery is unreal – leaving us feeling a little lost. It’s also good incase you get caught in an emergency situation of you end up lost (got to love the built in satnav on a phone). You can buy these pretty cheap from most supermarkets and electrical shops. We picked one of the other day for £5. They’re also great for the plane.

Stay away from caffeine

This is hard one because who doesn’t love a bit of coffee to keep your energy levels up?! But it actually ends up dehydrating you – leaving you with less energy than you started with! Not only that but it keeps you awake which isn’t great if you wanted to attempt to get a little sleep on a long journey. It can also make you irritable and I don’t know about anyone else – but I get pretty irritable when traveling. I really hate flying – I’m a nervous flyer and so I get very anxious whilst at the airport  and tend to snap more – so I make sure I stay well away from caffeine!

Reserve a seat by the wing

If you’re a little scared of flying like I am, then try to reserve a seat by the wing of the plane. You tend to feel less turbulence here and some seats you may find have a little more leg room – especially if you’re near to an emergency exit.

I’d love to know your travel tips! Let me know in the comments.



  • Emily http://www.twinmummyanddaddy.com says:

    Great post. I love an airline that has an app, makes everything go so much smoother. Thanks for linking up to #ThatFridayLinky

  • Http://www.familytimetravel.co.uk says:

    Some great tips! We recently did the book two one-way tickets and it did work out cheaper. And I will definitely try rolling my clothes next time I’m packing – who doesn’t want more space in their suitcase??

  • http://www.mentalparentals.com says:

    I had no idea it could be cheaper to buy two one-way tickets! I must try that…

  • Nige says:

    These are fab tips definitely a seat by the wing is vital Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

  • Mary Leigh says:

    These are really great tips! Avoiding caffeine can be tough – but I agree with you that it helps! Also, great idea about trying to adjust prior to travel for jet lag and rolling your clothes rather than folding them – such a space saver!

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