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Having worked previously with some amazing travel brands, Mark Warner is one I’m desperate to work with. I was SO excited when they announced the details on entering their blogger ambassador programme this year! I got straight to work planning out my holiday must have items. If you read my blog then you’ll know how much we love traveling. But what I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned is how awful at traveling we can be. We’ve almost missed flights, turned up on wrong days, almost had to board with no luggage and the list just goes on and on. My other half (who seemed a lot more interested after I told him Mark Warner do ski holidays too) told me to insert the quote “We might not be very good at holidays, but we know who are.. (Mark Warner)” It’s a little cheesy but incredibly true – haha. So here’s my video of our travel must haves. Below that, I’ve also created a few photos!

These photos below are more of a basic holiday essentials list! These are things that we believe make a great holiday. We love to travel as a family and enjoy recording our time away. You can see more of our travel/holiday videos here. We love putting our memories into mini films and having something to look back on in years to come. Daisy enjoys watching ”us on the beach” and pointing out what we are doing and where!

CAMERA – When we go away we tend to take a good few cameras. As a photographer I like to bring my digital DSLR with a range of lenses, along with our go pro and a film camera. As you can see from the first photo below – Daisy is picking up a few techniques. We love documenting our trips away and so it’s important we take as much equipment with us as we can.

SAND – We have so much in the sand whilst on holiday. Daisy loves to build sandcastles and bury our feet – she finds it hilarious that we have no feet for that moment in time. She also loves exploring in all the little rock pools and looking for sea weed.

A GOOD WARDROBE – I love a good wardrobe to take away with me. Not just for myself but for Daisy too. I find it so fun going holiday shopping a few weeks before we go away and then saving it all until we get to our destination. It’s all about pretty sandals and flowing dresses. Oversized sunglasses and pretty crop tops.

ICE-CREAM – It’s also all about the ice-cream. We tend to eat our body weight in ice-cream. It’s allowed whilst on holiday, right?! We went to Rome last year and ate so much gelato it was literally amazing. I’m surprised we didn’t all come back a few stone heavier. Rome is one of my favourite places and I will happily go back to Italy JUST for the ice-cream.

SEA – There was a time where I’d be a little nervous to go in the sea. But as we’ve gone away more, I’ve built up more courage to go in – it’s the fish that make me feel a bit anxious. But seeing how much Daisy loves the sea and playing in the waves, made me realise that there’s nothing to be anxious about. We now love sitting on the edge and letting the waves crash into us. Even if Daisy does complain that they are hitting her – haha.

A LITTLE EXPLORER – Sometimes Daisy wakes up in the morning and asks me if we’re going on holiday today. Sometimes she’ll get back from preschool and say that she wants to go on an aeroplane. I’m so glad that my love for travel seems to be rubbing of onto her. She gets so excited, she settles in well and adapts easily to the change of being away. My little explorer, my future travel buddy!

GOOD FOOD – We love to try a little bit of the local cuisine when we go away. Granted it may be something as small as a kebab in Turkey or peri peri chicken in Portugal – but it has to be done.

GOOD COMPANY – It’s not about where you are, but who you are with. Not always the case, but most of the time – it’s definitely true. I love going away with Andrew and Daisy. We have the best time with so many giggles, funny moments, late night chats, days out and memories to remember for a lifetime. I couldn’t have two better people in my life to travel with.

BEACH – For me, it’s all about a beach holiday. For my other half – it’s all about skiing. In fact he’s off skiing with his dad in a few weeks time. He’s determined to get me on the slopes within a few years and I’m actually looking forward to giving it a go! I don’t like being cold, but I’m sure I can put that aside if we’re having plenty of fun! I do love a good beach though.

A MARK WARNER HOLIDAY – Obviously the most important one! I entered the Mark Warner ambassador programme last year and after coming across SO many amazing entries, I knew I wasn’t going to get through. I waited patiently (a whole year – haha) for the next competition to open and brainstormed for days! I had so many different ideas and felt like I couldn’t stop until I’d started. We see everyone else write and photograph about their Mark Warner holidays and can’t believe how absolutely amazing they look. A holiday brand I’m absolutely determined to work with 🙂 I love Mark Warner!

*This is our entry for the Mark Warner blogger ambassador programme


  • Karen Howden says:

    Huge congratulations and I’ve now fallen in love with your blog! Do you do all of your own drawings? I’m a big fan… I guess I’m not in your position, having seen you entry and thinking that there was no way I would have won! I’ll have to get my thinking hat and and wait patiently for next year!

  • http://taking5.com says:

    Beautiful video and post – I love your graphics. Looks like you’re all going to have a ball. Congratulations!!

  • Janine Dolan says:

    Congrats. Well deserved. I love the little bits and pieces on the photos.

  • http://www.thetwinklediaries.co.uk says:

    Aaah I think is one of my favourite entries that I’ve seen!! Such a lovely film and lovely sentiments in your post too. My boy is a HUGE lover of skiing and I’ll be going for the very first time, as a Mark Warner ambassador in a couple of weeks time. I don’t think I’d have ever tried it, without this amazing opportunity. I’m a real beach lover, like you, but SO excited to be trying something different. Looking at all the entries for this year’s recruits has been fab! GOOD LUCK!! 🙂 xx

  • HelpfulMum says:

    This is such a great entry. I totally agree on the ice cream and good food!

  • Emma says:

    Ah how cute is your little girl? I have to agree that I love sand and the beach on holiday! x

  • http://www.londonmumma.com says:

    Good luck I hope you guys get it, so I can read all about your latest adventures

  • Emily and Indiana says:

    Your video was so lovely, I love all of your holidays shots added in! Good luck!! xx

  • Amy | All Things Amy says:

    Love this, your photos are fabulous! Good luck 🙂

  • Beth says:

    Fantastic entry! I love your photos as well! Fingers are crossed for you! Xx

  • Lauren - Dilan and Me says:

    Really really love this Jodie, you’d be a great choice for Mark Warner, good luck!! Xx

  • Devon Mama says:

    Love this – your little girl is ADORABLE too. Definitely agree about needing a good wardrobe, it’s half the fun!

  • http://newyoungmum.com says:

    Sounds like the perfect essentials for a good holiday. A little explorer is what I would be taking too. Lovely post xx

  • Babies and Beauty says:

    I LOVE this entry!! Your video was amazing, best of lucky lady 😀

  • thelittlestdarlings.com says:

    Good luck nugget! ❤

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